Asterisk Infrastructure Move to GitHub

In order to reduce the amount of system maintenance and administration that needs to be done by the Asterisk team at Sangoma, we’ve decided to move capabilities such as issue tracking, code management/review and documentation/wiki to hosted solutions. Last year, we compared GitHub and GitLab and while the evaluation of documentation/wiki alternatives is still ongoing, we’ve decided that GitHub offers the best alternative for issues and code management/review.

The Asterisk Community Forums are already hosted by Discourse and are not moving but you can now also use your GitHub account to log into the forums. Make sure the email you use for the forums is also listed under your account Settings/Emails in GitHub.


Over the weekend of April 29-30 2023, GitHub will become the official and sole platform for issue tracking and code management. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR US TO MIGRATE EITHER ISSUES OR CODE REVIEWS TO THE NEW PLATFORMS but the existing Jira issue tracker and Gerrit code management systems will be placed in read-only mode for historical reference. At some point in the future, the historical issues in Jira will be exported to a searchable format and the system deactivated. The Gerrit system will be deactivated at the same time but since the most important historical data is already captured as part of the commit history, there’s no need to create a searchable archive.

More detailed information, especially concerning release tarballs, changelogs, etc are at Release Management - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

NOTE: If you’re an Asterisk contributor, stay tuned. There will be more info about the code management/review process in the next day or so.