Text to Speech Indian Language for Asterisk

Hello Team,
Can you suggest any good TTS for Indian Language , Paid or free.
We are looking for Hindi, We tried Cepstral but it is not compatible with Asterisk 18.
pls see,

A Google search for ‘watson tts hindi’ brought up a bunch of potentials.

I use Watson for English and Spanish TTS and am pleased with the result – even though you have to massage the text a bit like ‘Do I have your permission to record this call’ needs to be passed as ‘re cord’ so it is not pronounced like ‘phonograph record.’ I guess Watson needs to go back to AI school :slight_smile:

My boss likes Watson so much he’s let our live VO talent go and we’re pure TTS now.

It can take xx seconds to render longer paragraphs so I cache the rendered audio using the MD5 of the text as the ‘name’ portion of the file name so that the next time that audio is needed, I check to see if <md5>.wav exists and skip the trip to Watson – saving time and money.

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Hey, could you explain to me how you get the rendered audio?

I started with this article on nerdvittles.com.

But then I enhanced it.

For production, I wrote an AGI (in C).

You have to sign up with IBM Watson to get an API key.

Then, you send a JSON formatted request and get back the rendered audio which you can write to a file.

Can anyone suggest any good TTS for Indian accent - English/Hindi , Paid or free to use with Asterisk 18.


I stumbled across Bilingual Voices for Amazon’s Polly:

Aditi speaks both Indian English (en-IN) and Hindi (hi-IN) fluently

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