Text to sppech

Hi Every body,

I am running asterisk 11. Right now I am in need of a text to speech software with an Indian accent which I can work with asterisk 11. Is there any open source software that I can install in asterisk? I have no Idea about. Hope some one can help me out of this.

Thanks in advanceā€¦

I think the only realistic choice for open source text to speech for any application is Festival. Asterisk supports Festival. You should look at Festivalā€™s web site to see if they have voice definitions for Indian English.

Incidentally, are North and South Indian English accents really that close to each other?

Hi David 55,

Thanks for the reply. I did not found anything related to Indian accent in festivalā€™s site. Yes,there is slight difference in between the North and South Indian English slang. Is there any open source Asterisk voice recognition facility for Indian English as 3rd party addon???


Try to use googletts.