Speech to text command lines

Looking for solution for speech recognition for Indian Language (Hindi)

Any Idea for linux speech recognition or speech to text command line, it will be helpful for our Visual impaired students. We are using Google text to speech basic level already.


How consistent is pronunciation across the North of the sub-continent, given that it is a second language to most people in North (and isn’t used in the South). I’d also wonder about the prevalence of loan words. I’ve heard many English words dropped into what I otherwise recognise as Hindi amongst the NRI population in the UK. I’d speculate that one got Bengali, Gujarati, Panjabi, Marathi, etc. words thrown in depending on the part of India, as well as quite a few English ones.

Thanks for reply @david551 ,
Our Education system for Visual Impaired students is designed with Hindi and English language, maximum are very comfortable with Hindi. The purpose for speech to text is just for form filling and also Hindi to English sentence learning purpose using speech recognition.
Still looking for support for above requirement.

Your basic problem is the open source requirement Speech recognition, particularly continuous speech recognition, is a much more difficult problem than speech synthesis, and requires large training sets that normally only commercial organisations can afford.

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