Text Messaging and Click to Call

Friends, just wondering if this is possible…

I would like to prompt a user, over a website, with a dialog box to enter their phone number. THEN I would like to establish a call between the user and a pre-defined number. Also, looking for ability to send a text message in the same fashion. A pop-up will ask for the users phone number and text message. THEN send that message to a pre-defined number. Not a “click to call” thing as in clicking on a phone number!

Any existing resources out there???

AMI and PHP, Asterisk is not an SMS server you will need third party provider like Twilio

Ok…Any suggestions for an SMS Server? I suppose, I can use Twilio for both calling and texting. I was hoping Asterisk/FREE PBX could do this…

I’m hoping to integrate one or more of these features onto websites.

FreePBX can do both with SIPSTATION trunk and also there is Click to call module I guess, but you need to address those request on the FreePBX forum

I’ve been trying to get onto that form for a little while now, with no luck…Thanks for the details though! Are you on Facebook by chance?

I dont use Facebook, any question , concern post it here without tagged me and If I see I can contribute I will.

ok, thanks very much!

Unfortuately*, you need to pay to access a short message service center (SMSC). I’ve used Lime and Vitelity. Both use an HTTP request you can submit using cURL. For example, Vitelity’s request looks something like:


*) If it was free, imagine how much spam we would get hit with.

It has to be secured, I agree. If you know of any other’ s, please let me know.

Thank you

Ha. I just noticed that snippet I posted from a program written back in 2015 still used ‘http’ instead of https!


hahaha…it needs to be secured to prevent abuse.