Left high and dry

Hey friends, quick question

I’ve been using https://clicktocall.eu for about 4-5 years now

They provide a simple click to call feature for websites (connecting both legs of the call) in addition to simple text messaging (one way text). Needless to say, I can’t access my account, so I can’t pay for service and “Richard” isn’t responding to his emails - in addition to removing all his phone numbers and hence anyone from contacting him.

So I’m left with hundreds of client websites with non-working features!!

Does anyone know of a similar service???

I think they offer: https://cloudonix.io/

(Disclaimer: I don’t have any affiliation with them)

Assuming you have your own Asterisk server and Trunk configured you can simply make this using php and originate command https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iUSAypnApU

That’s exactly why I installed the product!!! I was using 3CX prior, but they had made changes to features, essentially pulling them from existing customers and adding the same features to the “pro” edition of their PBX. So ya, they rendered the product useless for me. Good thing it only made it out to a few customers sites!!!

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