TE212P E1 - Layer 2 Down


I am using a TE212P card. My setup is as follows

Fedora 9

I am trying to setup a E1 ISDN trunk.
SPAN 1 of this card is configured as E1.

My configuration files are as follows

span = 1,1,0,ccs,hdb3
bchan = 1-15,17-31
dchan = 16

switchtype = euroisdn
signalling = pri_cpe
context = incoming
echocancel = yes
group = 1
channel => 1-5,17-31

I have connected a E1 to the SPAN 1 of TE212P board.

I have E1 simulator (System 930 from Gordon Kapes inc.) on the other side (CO) of the E1.

The configurations in the E1 Simulator are same as above (i.e. ccs, hdb3, euroisdn).

My Simulator is not syncing with my card. I did ZTCFG and ZTTOOL says OK on SPAN1 and there are no alarms, But at the simulator side I am getting [color=red]LAYER 2 DOWN[/color].

Please help me solving this problem. Thanks in advance.

Is Asterisk running? What does ‘pri show span 1’ show?