TDM410P on Debian/sid

Hi Everyone,

I know the TDM410P is a discontinued product, but I am hopeful someone here can give me some advise on getting this product working properly with Asterisk.
My card has 2xFXO and 2xFXS modules, and I have got DAHDI compiled on Linux Mint. DAHDI_SCAN reports seeing a card, however it reports only 4xFXO modules.

This makes me think I may have a problem with the /etc/dahdi/system.conf or the /etc/dahdi/genconf_parameters files?

I am based in the UK, on the standard British Telecom (OpenReach) network and need to set up 2 POTS lines on the card, and 2 station ports.

Could anyone please offer some examples of the config files I might need to get the card working properly on the Linux Mint (buster/sid release) distro? Once I can get it talking to Asterisk I am rocking, but I can’t get the thing talking properly to the OS at the moment.

As mentioned, I know this card is discontinued, but i hate killing off old hardware that would be a perfect solution to my requirements. Desperately hoping someone can offer advise.

Many Many thanks in advance, and a Happy New Year to you all,

Ian B

You might try rolling back to an older Linux kernel/distro and associated older DAHDI driver.

Even then sometimes cards report incorrect identifiers but work as you expect anyhow. But you might want to post your /etc/dahdi/… configs and /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf configs.

Also there’s security concerns with older software so please keep your firewalls current.

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