Configuration manual


i need some help i have four channel card i bought it 6 years ago and i was using it before and i stop and know i want to use it again i have install the latest version of asterisk and please i need manual documentation


What is the card model ?

card model is tdm410

It is an old model but it is a very good card, This is the useguir guide but you need to translate the commands used from zaptel to dahdi

I documented the steps on my blog


i mange to make the configuration and system works but i left with 2 problems only,we can receive calls from outside and the exstations are working fine,but there is lot of noice on the line and we cannot even phone outside and the phone just ringing but no connection

please help me is long time not working with the system i am lost here


What channel technologies are you using?

What is the contents of your channel technology configuration file (e.g. sip.conf) and the transitive closure of all its inclusions? What is the contents of your dialplan file (extensions.conf, extensions.ael, etc.) and the transitive closure of all its inclusions.

What appears on the log at verbosity 5, with full time stamps?

i am using tdm400 analog line

Run in the cli the followng command

dahdi show version

post here what you get.

thanks for your help i manage to sortout the outgoing and incoming but my problem now is i am using grandstream GXP1625 when i phone and receive call there are lot of noise on the line and when i run cvs login from that document is say does not exist

roger magoro