t1 alarms and pri timing

we have a switchvox aa300 with a te207p card in it and in the last few days it has been dropping calls left and right. i thought it was our provider so they came out and said they they detected a timing issue and that we should restart the pbx to hopefully fix it. so we restarted and he did not notice any more timing errors for the couple of minutes that he monitored the circuit. he left soon after but then the pbx log reported another alarm on the t1.

this seems to be happening at least two or three times a week. it’s usually at night but i’ve seen it happen a few times during business hours as well. i’m not very familiar with the inner workings of asterisk but the log always seems to have these errors when it goes down.

3 05/24/2009 8:21 AM NOTICE chan_zap.c: PRI got event: HDLC Bad FCS (8) on Primary D-channel of span 1
4 05/24/2009 8:21 AM NOTICE chan_zap.c: PRI got event: HDLC Abort (6) on Primary D-channel of span 1
5 05/24/2009 8:21 AM NOTICE Last Message Repeated 11 times

i’ve done a bit of research and from what i can find these errors can be related to a number of things. the most common reasons that i found seemed to be related to hardware or timing issue with the t1. i would hope that digium would have qualified the components of a turn key system like this before they selected a hardware platform but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t.

can anyone shed a little light on this?