Help with new system

Hi All,

My company is moving buildings and I was asked to put in a new phone system. We previously had Comcast Business class but they don’t service the building that we are moving to so we are looking at a T1.

I have been looking into some options such as Asterisk and 3cx. I am starting to lean more towards Astrick because of the support for various cards that I can connect our T1 line into. The plan is to have 7 incoming voice lines and 1 fax over the T1. I am fairly new to the whole PBX VoIP set up and was wondering if anyone can recommend a solid telephony card and any other hardware that I may be over looking for the new system. There will be 25 phones connected to the system.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.


based on your description, you probably need a T1 PCI card, eg Digium TE121 (refer to connect your telco.

you also need a server to install the Asterisk.

I assume that your 25 phones and fax machine are analogue. As such, you also need some FXS gateway (it comes in 12 port, 24 port,etc) eg Grandstream GXW4024 to connect your phones/fax to the Asterisk IP PBX.