System Speed Dials

Hi, I just installed Asterisk for the first time and I would like to add some functionality. I previously had Asterisk@home and utilized the speed dial’s I had setup in extensions_custom.config. How do I go about adding speed dials into Asterisk. I’d like to setup them up in the following manner…

Dial *01 - work
Dial *02 - cell
Dial *03 - family
Dial *04 - etc
Dial *99 …

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


exten => *01,1,Dial(SIP/provider/12223334444)
replace sip/provider with zap/channel or zap/group to specify a channel or zap group…

Thank you for the information. Which configuration file do I modify…

extensions.conf or extensions_custom.conf

Also, if I add these speed dials should they be placed in a certain area of the file?

Thanks for your assistance in advance.


that’s a good question. I don’t know much about Trixbox so I can’t really answer it.

What I can tell you is that placement is very important. the
define what group of extensions you are in, if you put the exten in the wrong context it will be accessed from the wrong place or not at all.

I thought trixbox had some kind of built in speed dial system though…

Sorry, here’s some more info…

this is the full version of asterisk running on a SUSE linux box. I’ve added the free pbx utility to manage my system. I’m no longer running asterisk@home/trixbox.



Not seeing a speed dial option in the GUI of free pbx so I’m most likely going to have to manually add my speed dials into the system once I determine which file needs to be modified and where at in the particular file.


Also another thing you can do is store the numbers in the asterisk db so you can dial an extension and change them.

;To Store number
Exten _*XX,1,Set(SPEEDDIAL=${EXTEN:1})
Exten _**XX,2,Goto(SetSpeedDial,s,1)

exten => s,1,Playback(please-enter-num)

exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,Set(DB(speeddial/${SPEEDIAL})=${EXTEN})
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,2,Playback(you-set-speed-dial)
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,3,Saydigits(${SPEEDIAL})
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,4,Playback(to)
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,5,Saydigits(${EXTEN})
exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,6,Hangup

To dial the number do:

Exten _*XX,1,Dial(SIP/${DB(speeddial/${SPEEDIAL})}@provider)

I am a bit tired but hopefully you will get the gist of it. Good luck.

Thanks David, do you know of a generic method of adding speed dials? Nothing too fancy until I have a better understanding of the system.



what some one wrote earlier.

Exten => *10,1,Dial(SIP/8005551212@provider)
Exten => *11,1,Dial(SIP/2025551212@provider)
… Etc.

I want to point out that the above example is if you are using SIP and provider should be replaced by the name of the sip account in sip.conf

Thanks, in which file should this code reside and where specifically in the file.



I’m still looking for assistance on this issues and would appreciate any insight.

Thank you.


In extensions.conf or in another file as long as you have an include statement in your extensions.conf file

Thanks David, I’ll try this out.

[quote=“IronHelix”]exten => *01,1,Dial(SIP/provider/12223334444)
replace sip/provider with zap/channel or zap/group to specify a channel or zap group…[/quote]

This is the easiest approach! Put it in extensions_custom.conf, anywhere after [from-internal-custom]

For a zap channel here is what I have:

Exten => *10,1,Dial(zap/g0/phone#)

Exit and save and do a amportal restart![/code]

Thanks for the info. In my asterisk directory I’m working with the following three files…

  1. extensions.conf
  2. extensions_additional.conf
  3. extensions_custom.conf.sample

The only file that contains the [from-internal-custom] is the extensions_custom.conf.sample and I’m assuming that’s not being used by the system.


IIRC, the only file that modified by FreePBX config changes is extensions_additional.conf. i would add your speeddials to the [from-internal-custom] context in extensions_custom.conf.

just be careful not to write extensions/speeddials that conflict with FreePBX “applications”.