Ring Time

I want to increase the ring time for an extension. Where do I go to do this?

I assume you are ringing the extension vial the Dial() command, if so you can just include a ring time argument

;; ring 30 seconds

;; ring 60 seconds

That sounds real good, but I’m used to using FreePBX. So where is Asterisk do I change this? I’m a complete newbie. I’m just trying to help out with some technical issues since that department is backed up quite a bit. I’m good at Linux, and have configured some phones in Asterisk, but using the GUI interface. I’ve never made additions to the dial plan.

sorry… my assistance ends here. i have never used any of the GUIs for *.

hopefully someone else can chime in.

[edit] if you did want to mess around with the dial plan manually, you would be editing the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file.

I would rather learn how to do it manually instead of with the GUI. Thanks for the last part of the message. I should be able to change it with that information.

This is for one specific extension. But I don’t see it in extensions.conf. ???