Syncting status between queue and queuemembers

I’m using Asterisk16 and I have a problem with syncting status between queue and queuemembers.
I have created a queue named ‘5000’ and add a member ‘4001’ to it on my pbx server.

When I called 5000 and sent a AMI request ‘Action:Status’ to confirm extension status before the queuemember ‘4001’ answered
I got a response below:

Event: Status
Privilege: Call
Channel: SIP/4001-0000025f
ChannelState: 5
ChannelStateDesc: Ringing
CallerIDNum: 4001
CallerIDName: 4001
ConnectedLineNum: xxxxxx
ConnectedLineName: xxxxxx
Language: en
Context: from-internal
Exten: 4001

Event: Status
Privilege: Call
Channel: SIP/
ChannelState: 6
ChannelStateDesc: Up
CallerIDNum: xxxxxx
CallerIDName: xxxxxx
Language: en
Context: ext-queues
Exten: 5000

I realized that the status of 5000 has already changed to ‘Up’ before the queuemember answered.
In my bussiness logic I need to make sure the status of 5000 same as ‘4001’.
Can someone tel how to Syncting them.

A first step could be to update your PBX to a current version.

Any chance you have Answered the call before sending it to Queue?

In moat cases people want to answer before going onto the queue, as comfort messages and music on hold otherwise require early media, and chargeable networks generally don’t allow that.

Note that the status in the second case is that of the caller not the queue.

Exactly david551 and that’s what I hinted OP to check when Status shows Up for SIP channel/Caller.

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