[Queues][Member Invalid Issue]

Hi Team,
I am having an issue while assigning a queue member to queue.
Queue member is actually on a SIP trunk(want to send call on PSTN network).
When i dial the queue i can listen the MOH but no call is dialed to any queue member due to invalid member status,

queue show QUEUE_NAME
bilal (SIP/lb.telecom.01/0XXXXXXXXXX from SIP/lb.telecom.01/0XXXXXXXXXX) (ringinuse enabled) (realtime) (Invalid) has taken no calls yet.

When i add a queue member which is on my local PBX like SIP/XXXX it works perfectly fine.
This proves that there is no issue with module loads etc(as i have searched on different forums that load some modules, plus all those modules are loaded in my case)

How can i make that member notinuse, help is highly appropriated.
Asterisk version:Asterisk 11.16.0 built by root @ voice.telecom.01 on a x86_64 running Linux on 2015-03-02 10:41:19 UTC

Bilal Abbasi

Use a local channel to isolate the real address from the queues system.

Thanks for your usual corporation David,
I was thinking about this trick.
But sorry to bothering you, can i do that with out involving another channel(local channel),
I mean why asterisk is unable to dial the extension on SIP trunk.

Many thanks

Probably because it is unable to obtain the status of a non-local device. I’d have to read the code to be sure.