Suncomm WIFI SIP phone - can i use it with asterisk?

Hi guys,

I’m an Asterisk and linux newbie (from Singapore), and have recently successfully deployed Asterisk in my small office using redhat linux and a TDM22B card. I use Asterisk to route 2 outgoing lines to 2 internal lines on zap channels. Also, I have an IAX2 voip gateway to make overseas calls via (their rates are excellent and setup is a breeze, and being the moron that i am, all i had to do was copy and paste into the relevant conf files)

I have interest to buy a Suncomm WIFI phone … ID=1000344

But I’m wondering whether i can 1) use it with asterisk 2) make the phone connect to my Asterisk box in office over the internet from home via my dynamic IP domain name, then make and receive calls as though it was an extension.

The phone is pretty cool and was hoping that i could use it from hotspots worldwide as well.

Any thoughts? Or could anyone nudge me in the right direction as to how to set this up?