Asterisk Unwired

Hi Folks,

Need to know if anyone have used Asterisk (or if its possible) to connect to SIP or IAX phones wirelessly. I mean a wireless LAN card on the Linux Box running Asterisk to connect to wireless sip or IAX phones (Both soft and Hard phones).

Any link or instructions will be highly appreciated.


I’d be wary. Standard linux distros can be problematic when it comes to supporting wireless “out of the box” (e.g. without major hacking.) Far simpler to get $60 wireless AP and connect it to the Asterisk box with a short cable. Is this only for internal calls (e.g. you mentioned nothing about outside calls or DIDs or anything else?)

Personally, I’d spend more than $60 for an access point if you plan on using 802.11b/g sip phones. Get something that will do some type of QoS.