Suggestions needed for Text To Speech application


I want to use text to speech in asterisk- I have installed Festival and its working fine. But its having somewhat poor voice quality.

Is there any other tool or application which I can use ? Free or license ?

Please suggest me before I go for some license version.



Cepstral or Swift.

Cepstral is fully licenced Swift is open source but you have to licence the voice.

Personaly we use in Swift


Ian, Thank you very much for your quick response.

Is there any free application or not ?

I think you are lucky that Festival is free. Free software tends to either: have a business model where it is a loss leader, or adjunct to hardware sales; or be decomposable into small units that can be developed by lots of people working more or less independently (including one, for small enough projects).

I think the only way you would get another free one would be as a fork of Festival.

David, Thank you very much for your reply.