How to use SWIFT in Asterisk


I want use swift. I have download some voice installation file from Cepstral . But when use this in my dialplan its saying Cepstral website name before starting the swift file.

How can i remove that ?

I have succeffully installed swift on my asterisk server. problem only is Cepstral website name saying before the file starts.

Is there any Cepstral license needed to remove that ?

yes you need a license from cepstral.


Thanks for the replay…

Is there any open source software like this…?

Now i am using festival Text2speech

thanks & regards


festival and festival lite(flite)

does festival works with windows ?sdk?

There haven’t been any supported versions of Asterisk that run on Windows (and that didn’t use Windows SDK) for several years now. If you are trying to do this on Windows, you are imposing unreasonable constraints on yourself. I am fairly sure no-one here uses Windows for Asterisk.

Hi david,

I am not trying asterisk with windows…i know very well that asterisk not comes compatible with windows…my question was related with festival tts which is opensource…and just asked that if that is compatible with microsoft sdk …


How to download and install swift in asterisk?"

I have bought Cepstral license several years ago…but now in modern linux distro i wasn’t able to compile app_swift…it is a well known issue by Cepstral but they not provide any solution…
I’m using Amazon Polly via PHP inside Asterisk and It works very very well

I had the same problem. I am now using googletts.