Realtime and Authentication

I’m trying to create use the realtime postgresmodule, using an import from our organisation’s LDAP directory.

I would like them to be able to authenticate their SIP clients using the same password as that stored in the directory. has reference to the a patch enabling sip channels to authenticate against radius. My C isn’t that good (more like non-existent), but is doesn’t appear to be there any more. Has it been moved off to another module?

If the answer’s yes, can you:

  1. Authenticate direct to LDAP (or must it be via PAM -> radius)
  2. modify sip_conf table, delete column secret and add one called auth_type?.

Thanks in advance,

Check out this thread: … I’m trying to find the latest code. If it’s gotten left behind from udpated API’s, I plan on updating it. I just need to get the docs for both Asterisk module programming and OpenLDAP.

Would you believe OpenLDAP deprecated a ton of function calls, and they didn’t seem to document the ones that replaced them … even in their releases?