Suggested hardware for a new server

hello all,

i want to setup an asterisk server, probably with Switchvox, with a Digium G400 VoIP Gateway (4 PRI, 120 trunks) and 500+ extensions with voicemail.
Since this is a rather big installation, i want your opinion on the hardware, how much memory, hard disks, etc…

can anyone help ?

People here will not know what extra resources Digium’s switchvox requires compared with the community version of Asterisk.

Also CPU requirements can vary widely, possibly more than two orders of magnitude, depending on how you use it, so people will generally only tell you what works for them, with their way of using it, not what will work for you.

I assume by 500+ extensions, you don’t mean Asterisk extensions, which need not have any hardware associate with them, but rather SIP phones.

However, it it the offered traffic that matters, rather than the number of devices and the offered traffic for a dedicated call centre will be much more, for the same number of phones, than for large factory or hospital.