Sub Extension

I have a situation where some phones are set paralleled using the same extension from the current PABX system. Is it possible to have a sub extension using Asterisk? TIA

what is the way you want to use the extension?
You could create a ring group so that whenever you call a certain extension a bunch of phones ring at once. Each phone would have its own extension already, the ring group would just call all of them

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Can you explain what is ring group? What I want to have is whenever there is incoming call to let’s say extenstion 123 which is this extension consists a bunch of phones, I want asterisk to handle it and re route it. So it could be something like this 123#1 is going to phone number 1, etc. TIA

I still am not sure what you mean. A ring group rings a group of phones when it is called. So you could have ext 123 and when someone called 123 it would also ring at 124,125,126,127,128… I am not sure if you want this to happen though. It kind of sounds like you may want a queue?