Streamplayer - appears to work but no sound

Hi, I am having difficulties getting streaming to work on Asterisk 1.2.5 for music on hold using streamplayer.

streamplayer – A utility for reading from a stream.
Written for use with Asterisk (
Copyright © 2005 – Russell Bryant – Digium, Inc.

Usage: ./streamplayer

It appears to work but there is no sound; below is the output. I know the stream works as I have tested it with Windows Media player.

Connected to Asterisk 1.2.5 currently running on telco (pid = 1982)
UNIX connection
Verbosity is at least 3
– Executing Answer(“SIP/1055-b46f”, “”) in new stack
– Executing MusicOnHold(“SIP/1055-b46f”, “default”) in new stack
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘SIP/1055-b46f’

All other music on hold works ok (native and mp3 (with madplay)).

Any Ideas?



application=/usr/local/bin/madplay --mono -R 8000 --output=raw:-

;application=/usr/sbin/streamplayer 8100
application=/usr/sbin/streamplayer 8040


No clue, same result here, with a testextension i just created with a test MOH (streamplayer) context.

And the documentation for the streamplayer is beyond “a shame”…cough

Looks like no one ever found a fix to this problem.