Asterisk Mp3player problem


I am using asterisk to listen to streamed radios via phone using the mp3player apps of asterisk in extensions.conf.
Everything was running perfectly with the backported asterisk package (version 1.0.1) with Debian woody.
I have upgraded to debian sarge providing asterisk 1.0.7 and now the streaming doesn’t work anymore.

When looking at the logs I get this:

     -- Executing Macro("SIP/", "radio|") in new stack
    -- Executing Answer("SIP/", "") in new stack
    -- Executing Wait("SIP/", "1") in new stack
    -- Executing MP3Player("SIP/", "") in new stack
Oct  4 23:30:31 NOTICE[4102]: app_mp3.c:91 timed_read: Poll timed out/errored out with 0
    -- Executing Hangup("SIP/", "") in new stack
  == Spawn extension (macro-radio, s, 4) exited non-zero on 'SIP/' in macro 'radio'
  == Spawn extension (radio, 003, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/'
  • the timed read error occurs after the timeout which is about 10 seconds with http streaming (less when playing local files).

  • playing the same radio manually with mpg123 and same arguments works.

  • playing local mp3 files with asterisk works as usual.

  • very strange is that streaming works sometime but very seldomly (unstable).

  • I observed that there are 2 processes of mpg123 when playing streamed radios but only 1 process when playing local files. Could it be the reason ? In all case there should be one process for each stream or file played ?!

Has anybody any clue ?

Thank you.