Streaming VOIP & Conference to Icecast/ Radio Call Show


I’ve done a lot of reading up and would like to have Asterix stream to an Icecast server with Airtime on the same box for a radio station. All on the same box for now for simplicity… All on Ubuntu.

So ideal scenario from a user perspective is:
1./ Talk show host calls in as a conference organiser and starts a radio show.
2./ Audio for Talk show host streams to a slot in Icecast (Airtime manages the schedule so that the stream will only play live on Icecast at a scheduled time).
3./ Callers can call into the show using a pin number and will “join the conference call” which is streamed out to icecast (same stream as talk show).

I have setup Icecast, Airtime and Asterix and managed to trunk a VOIP SIP phone number to the Asterisk server as well using sip.conf to pick up the sip calls and extensions.conf to redirect all sip calls to an internal extension “1000”.

I have also installed ices2 via apt-get and modified /etc/asterisk/modules.conf to load ices2 module (load => app_ices…)

Please let me know of any ideas you have in how I can do the streaming.

thanks in advance for the help,