streamFile():File not found though file exist

I am using fastAGI using asterisk-java.

I shifted my call from asterisk to my java program.Queries like answer() and hangUp are running perfectly fine but while doing streamFile to a .mp3 songfile following error comes up.

The error is: file.c:663 ast_openstream_full: File src/resources/b.mp3 does not exist in any format

src/resources/b also gives error.

To verify this i put a txt file on the same location and the program is able to read the file i.e src/resources/input.txt is working fine.
Morever mp3 works fine in my laptop.

Do I have to configure asterisk to streamFile?

Or there is something wrong with asterisk-java.jar?

Which version of asterisk works best with asterisk-java?

mp3 is not a particularly sensible format for VoIP, but your basic problem is that you do not include the file extension when requesting the playback of a file. Asterisk chooses the best extension, form those available, for the target codec.

Also, mp3 is an addon module, so you probably have to explicitly select it when building Asterisk.

mp3 is a poor choice because normal telephony codecs cannot reproduce music anything like as well, so you end up with an excessively large file which is expensive, in CPU terms, to convert to a useful format. It is better to convert the file to the codecs actually in use, as an offline operation.

as mentioned in my question I tried bot with /src/resources/b.mp3 and /src/resource/b.Nothing works.

I think I have to put the song file(b.mp3) in asterisk sound file rather than in my java source file?

Moreover how to convert mp3 to codecs?Can you provide some good links?What about .wav?



MP3 is a codec. Type “man sox” at the Linux command prompt.