streamFile():File location?

hii everyone,
I am using asterisk-java fastAGI.

While using streamFile(“name of sound file to be streamed”) Command is it necessary that the soundFile should be present in asterisk folder(i.e on asterisk server side).
Cant I stream a file which is present in my java source folder?

To make it clear:

Suppose In my java program I have in my src folder a song ‘song.wav’.
For some reasons I cant have it in asterisk server side.

How can I play ‘song.wav’ to the user?Is there any other command?
I have tried streamFile(“src/song.wav”) and (“src/song”) but none of them are working.

Why do you duplicate threads? Keep in one three only opening threads for get help its a very bad idea.

About your issue from where your application run? I mean, if you send commands to asterisk it runs from asterisk server side. Please read about AGI and paths.