Strange phone calls in the middle of the night


I have recently (in the past two days) received a strange phone call during the night on one of my SIP phones and I’m not sure of the cause. I have an asterisk server running 2 Cisco SIP phones. In the early hours of the morning (1 call at 2AM and the other 4AM on two separate mornings) I receive a call on one of the phones, the first time it happened it displayed as a call from “Me”. The second time it happened it displayed as a call from “asterisk”. Both times the phone rings about 4 times, then stops. I’m really puzzled as to what the cause could be? I did have a similar problem a while ago but found it was caused by a faulty PSTN card which I no longer use.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Many thanks,



Check your CDR records you should get a clue.

It looks like a bunch of Malaysians were being a pain for the last few nights


Hi Ian,

Duh, never thought to check them I was so puzzled common sense went right out the window! Thanks for the pointer!

Checking the CDR logs I see SIP/ appear about 12 times and it’s an IP registered in Malaysia! Is this something I should be concerned about (apart from being woken at daft times in the morning by the phone ringing!)?



And they were trying to contact a number in Manchester ??

Add the IP address to your iptables to drop any packet from it.

Also check the context that it came in from is VERY secure.