Security problem


Some have called via my asterisk server. Without having password or sip account. It’s been called to other countries that are not made ​​by me which are the only ones to have access to the asterisk server. Is there anyone here who knows how I can takers my asterisk server for that case?

I hope some one here can help me out of this big problem.

Please read the best practices file and google for asterisk security this is a very common issue with new installations.

Hi as already said , read the security docs, also it may be that your recent post this month alerted people to your system, it may be a good idea to go back and edit that making sure you remove all ip addresses.

make sure you have security logging eneabled.

It’s not really an asterisk security issue. But it seems like they call in to access numbers at the same time and get past the blockage. Is it possible to have a real-time billing deamon and charge the user account?