Strange errors in Asterisk console

I keep getting some strange messages in my Asterisk console (they keep coming all the time, no matter what I’ll do):
format_wav.c:422 wav_write: Bad write (128): No space left on device
file.c:196 ast_writestream: Translated frame write failed
channel.c:3100 __ast_read: Failed to write data to channel monitor read stream

I’ve deleted some old monitor files, but it didn’t change anything.

Any ideas?

Looks like you have a disk space issue.
what does df -kh have to say ?

Try freeing up space on the drive and as the person above mentioned check your disk usage by issuing:
df -h

Ok, It looks like I really hadn’t enough space on the disk. I deleted more files, and now everything works fine. Sorry for bothering you with this trivial problem.