Warning messages

Hi, can someone here could explain what kind of warning messages are these? Thanks in advance

WARNING[20103]: format_wav.c:416 wav_write: Bad write (128): No space left on device
WARNING[20103]: file.c:171 ast_writestream: Natural write failed

Are you recording calls with Monitor or MixMonitor?
Are you out of disk space on the file system you are saving recordings to?

Thanks for your reply. Yes we recorded calls via MixMonitor. Can you please guide me which path where i can delete some files to free up disk space. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. thanks

If you are recording using MixMonitor you are presumably doing something with the files, so you should already know the directory!

One directory used is /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

I agree with David. Good System Administration practices should include knowing what files are being created, how big they are getting and how to clean them up.

The default directory for Monitor() is as David stated /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. There may be others locations for other functions, such as recording of MeetMe() sessions.

You should probably spend some time getting familiar with the ‘df’ and ‘du’ commands.

These may get you started…
df -m

du -s --si /var/spool/*
du -s --si /var/spool/asterisk/*