Stop ring all


I use asterisk 11.5.1 with freepbx

Is there any possibility to stop ringall when one of the ring group extension is forwarded?

I forward one of the two main extensions (x) that receive all external incomings calls, to another (y) that play a different voicemail message, but I can’t reach y because x is in the same ring group of the second main extension (z) that continue to ring, even if x is forwarded.

Thank you

Ring groups are a construct created by FreePBX http:/./, not by Asterisk.

I also post on freepbx forum, but I think that I can solve the problem using some rules on extension-custom.conf

That file works in the context of the rest of the FreePBX dialplan. There is no such file in the out of the box Asterisk configuration.

Ok, I pose the question differently,

Can I force hungup on extension a when extension b ringing?
I know that I can with AMI but I don’t know where insert php script in the extension.conf (extension-custom.conf for freepbx users) for the context of extension b.

You can only hang up channels, and to some extent devices. I think you are using FreePBX terminology, not Asterisk terminology.

There is no facility to trigger dialplan processing on receiving AST_CONTROL_RINGING,

You can hangup a channel that is being rung by using ChannelRedirect, from dialplan running on a different channel, to redirect it to an extension that hangs it up. You should be able to do this even on outgoing channels. Finding the channel name may be difficult, without AMI.