Paging - hangup before

I created a extension in extensions-custom.conf that play a message to a paging group.

exten => 3001,3,Answer
exten => 3001,4,Wait(3)
exten => 3001,5,Background(custom/natten)
exten => 3001,6,HangUp()

No problem, that works.

But i want to make sure that the paging group is free before playing the message. With the ‘channel request hangup’ i can hangup the call, but can i do the same in the extensions_custom?

I think you have missed out two important pieces of information:

  1. you are using FreePBX;

  2. you are using circuit switched lines, so the channel name isn’t modified by an instance identifier.

For the first, I will assume that extensions.conf_custom is include from extensions.conf and will ignore the possibility that any suggestions is incompatible with FreePBX.

The latter probably doesn’t have too much impact; you will just get an error because no channel exists.

The way do force a hangup would be to do a channel redirect to dialplan that invokes hangup.

How do i make that in the dialplan? I need an extension that only do a hangup and then in my [ext-paging-natten] at the first send my paging group to the new extension?

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