[still need help] unixODBC drivers and Asterisk 1.2.9

I’m installing unixODBC and have successfully compiled it. The next step int he instruction set I have says to do the following:

cp app_odbcexec.c /usr/src/asterisk/apps/
vi /usr/src/asterisk/apps/Makefile +28
app_setcdruserfield.so app_random.so app_odbcexec.so
app_odbcexec.so: app_odbcexec.o
$(CC) $(SOLINK) -o $@ $< -lodbc

make install

I’ve copied app_odbcexec.c to the asterisk apps directory, but the next step doesn’t make sense to me. After vi /usr/src/asterisk/apps/Makefile +28, I am dropped into the middle of the make file and the next lines in the instructions really don’t belong in that particular spot. I have tried placing the make directives in spots that seem to make sense, but I can’t get the object linking to complete.

Someone posted on my earlier thread that the unixODBC drivers only work with Asterisk 1.0.X. Does anyone now definitively if that is correct?

Any help would be appreciated or an alternative way to access MySQL from Asterisk would be useful. Thanks in advance.