Starting a Calling Card business?

I was seeking help for starting a calling card business from a home basement can u please advise on how do I get started
I was lloking to sell calling cards online and targeting ethinic markets that want to dial from Canada or US to India the current rates are 13.9 cents per minute from Canada to India

ANy Idea how ddo i get into this market by offering very competive rates can I offer half the rates thatn 13.9 cents calling from Canada to India or US to India can I do the same for all the ethinic markets I am looking for a in expensive long distance provider with a good sound quality

Getting in to the biz. is not easy. It depends on your marketing strategy etc. If it was real simple we would be all doing it.

As far as providers go, post a request on the biz list ( with the countries that you want and that you are requesting rates. The best way to know the quality is to test it yourself. Good luck with your new biz. venture.