Stable 1.4

Has anyone seen a possible release date for a stable 1.4 release? I am waiting to install a couple of customer sites until then…

Days, weeks, months?


tough call. i would probably go with a 1.2 install but make sure the dialplan is 1.4 ready. then wait until release + 1 month (at least) before rolling it out anywhere but your own test box.

Even when 1.4 does have a stable release I wouldn’t put customers on it until a a couple more releases have been done. Many bugs will be found once the first stable release is put out.

agreed. I didnt deploy 1.2 until around 1.2.4 or so… as the devs have often commented, its not until you call it a release that people really start sending in bug reports…

OK but anybody know when the 1.4 stable version will be released ?

There is no official release date. When it happens we will all know about it. I agree with everyone above. I wait ATLEAST a month before using any new releases unless there is a serious issue that requires imediate attention.