Spy and whisper into two different channels

is there a way to listen/spy on a channel and whisper into a different one at the same time?
what i want to achieve is to have two separate calls, spy into one and whisper into another at the same time.


From the same invocation of ChanSpy, no. It only allows one.

is there any other way to accomplish this? tried bridging the 2 sides with no luck

What exactly are you trying to accomplish
can you please describe you use-case

one way to do it, but it is very cumbersome

originate a Spy call into a ConfBridge
this will set up a conference with the sound from the channel you want to spy on
originate a second call into the same ConfBridge but this you setup as a whisper to the channel where you want the sound
but this is a complete mess

user A normal call to B
user D normal call to E
user F whisper to D or E
originate: Spy on user A or B connected to ConfBridge C
originate: whisper on user F connected to ConfBridge C

Basically having two separate conference bridges and a moderator that can listen to a bridge and translate into the other

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