Listen separately two people talking to each other


I wonder if this case would be possible using a dial plan.

I have two people A and B talking to each other.

I want a people C to be able to listen to A without hearing B
I want a people D to be able to listen to B without hearing A

Would that be possible?
Thank you.

ChanSpy provides this using the “o” option[1].


Yes, but when two people talk to each other, it’s only one channel.

I need to isolate the audio streams of both users on the same channel.

The “o” option causes ChanSpy to only spy on the audio from the channel… not on both audio from and to, so you’d only hear what they are saying. Am I misunderstanding something?

Yes, I think you don’t understand.
To make it easier to explain; I will need a confBridge with A and B, a person C to be able to hear only A, and a D to hear only B.

I need to isolate the audio streams…

If you are wanting to do this within ConfBridge itself then that’s not possible as ConfBridge does not have such functionality.

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