Spanish extras sounds removed (ES) , Why?

Guys, who took out all the extra sound packages for spanish?

i have an international client that needs " you call may be monitored" in different languages, this task just went from a few minutes to untold hours.

The french and English packages are there,

Where ever could they have gone ?

Digium has never provided a Spanish language version of extra-sounds. Until fairly recently, the only language provided was English, since that is all that was contributed. The French language version was provided to us by a community member.

Digium recognizes that there are a large number of French and Spanish -speaking Asterisk users, which is why we will happily pay for any new prompts that are required by Asterisk to be recorded in English, French, and Spanish. The prompts in core-sounds are the ones required by Asterisk itself. The prompts in extra-sounds are prompts that have been contributed to us for various reasons over the years.

If a community member were to contribute a properly licensed Spanish language version of extra-sounds, we would be very happy to distribute them along with the English and French versions. Please see … iew=markup for details on this.

As for your immediate need… There are community members that have made Spanish language prompts available for free. There are a large number of prompt sets listed at … ernational - one of them may include what you require.

They were there previously, ancient links to them are now broken, nice try though

I’m sorry that you believe those files existed. There have never been Spanish “extra-sounds” archives, though if you have evidence from any popular search engine that proves otherwise I would be highly interested. Your accusations are unfounded, and it does nobody any good to use inflammatory and unnecessarily provocative terms.

We are very interested in seeing someone contribute these soundfiles, which would be done by funding the existing voice talent who performed the asterisk-core-sounds-es files (Allison Smith.) If you wish to contact her to have the work done for the first time, we would be glad to include them in the standard list of files.

I would appreciate it if you could forward me references to the “ancient links” you describe so that we may discover where this problem resides.


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