Spa 3000 on asterisk

Hi. i am running asterisk without gui and i would like to add a spa 3000 for my gsm gateway. I am a bit confused with the sip.conf part for the spa 3000.
the spa has the following settings:
username 1-gsm
passwd gsmpasswd

the thing is that my asterisk runs on port 5061(due to isp restrictions), so what other settings do i have to alter?

i am lost over here with the spa

Are you using it on your local net or from out side? I am using in on local net ( and don’t need to set anything special. For example, I also have a pap2t with two channels. One is on 5060 and the other is on 5061. Asterisk does not really care. I have never looked which port asterisk is running on though.

hi. i am running it on the localnet.
spa 3000 has IP address and asterisk is on and runs on port 5061.
all i need is the setup for the sip.conf to see the spa at with username and password.

Solved. Thanks a lot 8)