Sound Problems

Hi everyone!

In the latest version of Asterisk Now I installed yesterday to try out, when callers call the menu or get a voice mail greeting all they hear is a really distorted, bubbly, and in and out sound. It doesn’t do that from caller to caller, only when the computer is talking.

Is there any way to fix this?

Could it be the Computer im running it on? Its a P2 with 128mb of ram.

Also another problem i was having was deleting users after they have been made. I cannot seem to select them via the GUI to edit them or erase them.


it very well could be the computer, that is not a very powerful machine. from caller to caller, asterisk just sets up the call, the voice is usually done from phone to phone, if the computer is playing back an audio file is probably has to transcode it, which is CPU intensive. i would get a more powerful machine

what do you think i should use for only 5 phones?

i tried it on a P3 with 512mb of RAM and i still got the same problem.

The phones im calling on are computers with X-Lite on them. Do you think that could be the problem?