Sound Problem! HELP

I´m trying to Playback a greeting before dialing the extension, but when it finish playing, the ringing tone goes crazy.
This is the the extension.conf I´m using:


I´m using vm-Work as an example for greetings
Is there someone who can help me?
THKS :exclamation:

Meaning what??? It starts speaking in tongues? Abusing you?

Crazy’s not exactly a technical term, and i doubt there’s many mind readers on this forum.

I hear the vm-Work sound and then instead of hearing the extension ringing tone I hear tones repeating in disorder and not with the timing it has to be.

Still not much information to go on!

Does it ring the phone you’re trying to call?

What does the asterisk console say when this is happening? (do set verbose 4 to get more information messages)