[SOMEWHAT SOLVED]Re: Sending DTMFSending DTMF as queue agent


we have outbound calls that is being sent to queue and then sent to agent extension. sometimes the agent needs to sen digit to get past external ivr menu but this cant be done it seemes. is there any way of sending dtmf from agent to external callee?

/ MArcus

Yeah, that looks yucky.

Doesn’t happen with other codecs?

Doesn’t happen with other soft phones?

Wireshark indicates that the phone’s actually sending what Asterisk thinks it’s sending?

Using a current version of Asterisk?

hello and thanks for your answer, though i remade my question upon newly gathered information from researching the issue, and it loks as if there is no possibility of sending dtmf when you are an agent in a queue.

Whoops, sorry. I think I meant that response to a different post.

perhaps not, i changed the subject and content as i discovered the real problem.

For, chan_agent should pass through all DTMF unless it is the accept or end digit and the context is appropriate for their use. I think app_queue just uses a normal bridge to handle DTMF.

im using 1.4.36. when using rfc2833 and i am connected to asterisk as agent i cant hear dtmf in callee end device.

Does anybody know if it should be possible sending DTMF to pstn as an agent while dialed in to queue system? Should the dtmf only go as far as the queuq system itself to be able to do transfer and hangup with dialpad?

If this is the case, are there any workarounds?

/ MArcus

while asterisk was in rcf2833 mode, i made the softphone play inband dtmf so they could reach exernal pstn and not be stopped att asterisk level.