Sometimes playback with noanswer does not play IVR instead ringing

I have a dialplan in Asterisk where I play welcome IVR, so the call comes from PSTN but what happens sometimes playback with noanswer does not play IVR instead ringing.

has anyone face this issue?

Playback without answer results in “early media” and if your provider doesn’t support it then caller won’t hear the IVR but just ringing.

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Great Thanks @satish4asterisk

I have this problem only when calling from an IP network (IP softswitch). With a cellular or wired regular phone, there is no such problem. I have noticed, in my situation it depends on a softphone. There should be a progress command before playback.

Hi @dux yes and my all calls are from PSTN only from our mobile network and this is intermittent sometimes it works well… but i will try to see if early media by using progress app works as @satish4asterisk suggested…

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