Playing message without answering (as ringback)

:mrgreen: Hi there,
i want to ask if exist the possibility to play an audio file but without answering the caller phone (like in 3G networks)
My architecture:

<<>> <Asterisk 1.8.6> <<>> Client Phones

When someboy call anybody in my network, and he is unavaible or the phone is disconnected, i want to play a message like “OPERATOR inform that the phone is turned off, or there some problem for connect now, please try again later”.
I need to play this file without answering the caller phone, in the Ringback or something like that.

Is possible? Somebody can help me?

Thanks so much!

Try using Progress() to start the one way audio.

----dialplan example-----



that’s end may work?

Thanks SGM

I’m not sure if it would work, but generally the Progress application is for this kind of situations, so it may work :smile:

Ok, i’ll test as soon as possible and i’ll say here somehing.
Thanks so much! :mrgreen: