Some simple questions


we are a small team working on an opensource virtual reality chat project. so far we have a 3d world where people can walk and meet eachother and chat in conventional way, via text it is.

we are currently planing to support also voice transmission in addition to text based chat. i.e. it should be possible that people can speak with eachother privately, or joing to small conversating groups (comparable with conferencing).

now the actual questions:

  1. does it make sense in our context to use asterisk for voip functionality? we would need only a subset of features asterisk provides – this is a matter of effort we would need to integrate asterisk into our application.

  2. asterisk’s server (pbx) runs on unix-based machines. are there any opensource sample implementations for client side which also run on win32?

  3. would asterisk really need dedicated hardware for our context? or would a conventional pc + ethernet interface suffice?

thanks in advance for any hints.


Very interesting. Asterisk seems like a very good choice.

No special hardware for your application. A PC, Linux, and Asterisk. Your main config files will be sip.conf and extensions.conf. You’ll basically be configuring Asterisk as a SIP-only server.

What you need to integrate into your software is not Asterisk, but a SIP soft phone. This can be on the end-user side, part of your game server software (which becomes a sip client to your asterisk server), or you can bundle a proprietary SIP headset with your software.

hi swbuza,

thanks for the hints. do you have experience with any opensource sip clients? can you recomend any?


I have not used soft phones enough to advise. But I’d start here:

thank you for the link :smile:

i think i gonna dive into voip material just after the next release. currently there is some stuff do to for the release.

btw: if you want to take a look on the app then go here