[Solved] Voicemail not polling O365 IMAP server to disable MWI Light

Vanilla Asterisk version 13.20.0 and 15.3.0 with same results. IMAP storage and retrieval works. MWI enable works. MWI works both ways if voicemails are not stored locally. Phones are registered to a Cisco CM so I use externnotify. I ran a trace and found no packets going to O365 after the voicemail was left.

Important bits of voicemail.conf:
externnotify = /root/mwi.sh
imapserver = outlook.office365.com
imapport = 993
imapflags = ssl
pollmailboxes = yes
pollfreq = 30

Tested this with gmail and local voicemail users. Still won’t poll.

I finally figured out the problem. In order for voicemail to poll Outlook, I needed to add a SIP user. Even though I will have no phones registered to Asterisk, it is still required for polling.

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