Daylight Savings Time

I previously posted this with a heading of Gotoiftime, where the heading should really be Daylight Savings Time.

We have several gotoiftime statements in our dialplan. It seems that asterisk uses the UTC clock instead of the local time on the server. After the daylight savings time change, our scripts are running an hour late. Does anyone know of a fix for this or do I have to set all times 1 hour earlier, which is what I’ve done for now.

Asterisk will use the local time. Has your OS been patched for the new DST?

We didn’t do a specific patch - we just ran yum update (centos 4.4).

Did it upgrade tzdata?

tzdata is current, yet asterisk continues to think that the time is an hour earlier than it really is. we changed all the times in our gtoiftime commands for now, but i’ll have to change them back in 2 weeks and then worry about this in the fall.

any suggestions?

Have you restarted Asterisk?

Post the output of this command…

I have the same case. When I apply SayUnixTime, it says 13:40 but when I check Asterisk Time with command *60, it says 05:40.

I want to change the time from 05:40 to 13:40. Is there another way to do it ? Thank you for help :smile: