[HELP] URGENT : Adtran total access 600, TE110P, fract T1

Ok so we have our Fractional t1 in.
The service provider dropped off a Adtran Total Access 600 with a DSX-1 port and Ethernet port.

We have a working Asterisk box and Grandstream phones that can communicate internally. We also have the TE110P installed and two network cards (one for WAN one for private). There is also a linksys router (previously used as the DSL broadband router) that the Asterisk box is connected to doing NAT & Firewalling for our network.
Ok great.

The service provider gave us 6 voice lines and 6 public IP addresses…
Today is go live with the T1…

now what???!!!

We have yet to connect to the Adtran and I’m not sure what’s the best way to do this.

How do I handle the data and voice spit???
From the Asterisk box OR have them split straight from the Adtran??? If they can do that…

I’ve done the example zapata config for the TE110P and everything seems ok, but I’m still not sure how to get the data side out to the linksys router.

ideal config is (if this works of course):

Adtran DSX-1 interface --> Asterisk’s TE110P card
Adtran Ethernet Interface --> Linksys router
Asterisk Ethernet 0 --> Linksys Router
(not sure if we would need eth1)

Or do I use the Asterisk box as the router and just use the eth1 to feed the linksys router??? or what?


I’ve been up all night and I’m confused and tired

Maybe this diagram will help you will have to talk to the provider about how they configured it

adtran.com/adtranpx/Rooms/D … DclNUQlNUQ.