[solved] Queue rings & beeps busy CSR's, "ringinuse=no"


need this now in the sip.conf entry

The goal is to get “ringinuse=no” working as stated in the documentation.


“servicelevel” was one setting that exacerbates the situation, but eliminating it does not solve the problem.

hacky workaround with side effects


works, but breaks call hold, a vital feature


a feature designed to beep agents who are currently on a call, when other are waiting. It might be unexpected, or disliked by a group of queue agents.


call-limit needs to have a definition according to various reports

One system had it’s sip.conf erased by mistake and replaced. This apparently caused the queues to misbehave.
( totally incorrect observations by one user )

An agent is on a call, and new incoming queue calls now initiate a beeping sound that the agent hears.

Nothing was changed in the queues.conf, and I made sure that:


also in sip.conf:


Are there any other settings that could be causing this error? There should not be any reason that agents are hearing a beep.

did you add the call-limit= to the sip entries?

Without it, I believe the devices status will not be tracked and so the queue will not know the device is on a call.

thanks for the input, I changed it as you suggested,

also, another thing:


bump, persistent issue

OrderlyQ have been working on this and similar problems:

Are your agents’ phones still ringing when they are already on a call?
If so you might want to read this.

Following reports from several Asterisk users that they’re having
problems with ringinuse=no not working when Local Channels are used to
provide hot-desking support within the Asterisk Queue() function, we
have developed a very easy fix for this that is now documented in our
popular Asterisk Queues Tutorial.

You don’t need to do anything fancy with STATEINTERFACE to get this to
work, and it also works with all Asterisk phone types, including SIP and
DAHDI channels.

For further details please see:


So, if you’re struggling with this, perhaps as a result of abandoning
the now-deprecated Agent Channel mechanism, you might want to take a look :smile: